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Customer's Dynos

Note:  Dynos (as with all rotating machinery) must be professionally designed to be operated safely.

Our DataMite family of data loggers and Dyno DataMite software have instrumented several hundred dynos; including inertia and brake dynos, engine and chassis dynos.  Here's some pics of just a few of these customers' dynos, which may give you ideas on how to build or instrument your dyno.

Tom Krause, TDK Motorsports, Central City, IA  Tom got this whole ball rolling with us instrumenting dynos back in the 90s.  He added our original vehicle DataMite to his inertia dyno.  Our DataMite software had features to measure torque and HP of vehicles knowing their weight, aerodynamic drag, etc and doing acceleration testing.  So, it was easily adapted to inertia dynos.  Tom had good luck and told everyone via his TDK Motorsports website.  Recently Tom retired from racing to explore new ventures.  We've kept his site "alive" here so others can benefit from all Tom's knowledge and experience.  If you're thinking about building an inertia dyno, check out our copy of the TDK Motorsports website.
fullpod1.jpg (57444 bytes) (Click on images to enlarge)

to visit the TDK Motorsports website, with lots of tips on building your inertia dyno.

Jeff Rosenberger, Rosenberger Competition Kart Engines, Manorville, PA, using DataMite III on his hydraulic engine dyno Jeff originally created a hydraulic load cell to measure torque with a pressure gauge.  With the DataMite III, he Tee'd in a pressure sensor to measure torque electronically, buy still kept the ability to check it with his hydraulic gauge.  This is a great check to see if the torque calibration has shifted.  Jeff also described how his dyno data looked on our "What our Customer's Say" page.
rosenberger-dyno1.jpg (72855 bytes) rosenberger-dyno2.jpg (46503 bytes) rosenberger-dyno3.jpg (49060 bytes) (Click on images to enlarge)

Jeff Snure, Snure Interlocking, Smithville, Ohio, using Black Box II (now replaced by DataMite III) on his inertia chassis dyno Jeff has several pics of his entire process of building this twin roller dyno.  Check it out at:

snure dyno 2.jpg (342510 bytes) snure dyno 1.jpg (323456 bytes) (Click on images to enlarge)

Neal Smith, The Nitro Shop, Winnipeg, Canada, using DataMite Mini on their RC inertia dyno
The-Nitro-Shop-Dyno-1.jpg (93449 bytes)  The-Nitro-Shop-Dyno-2.jpg (84959 bytes)  The-Nitro-Shop-Dyno-3.jpg (84977 bytes)  The-Nitro-Shop-Dyno-4.jpg (90105 bytes)  (Click on images to enlarge)


Mark Powell, Greenbank, Australia, using DataMite III on his motorcycle, inertia dyno

Mark  Powell Chassis Dyno 1.jpg (88308 bytes) Mark  Powell Chassis Dyno 2.jpg (433516 bytes) Mark  Powell Chassis Dyno 3.jpg (417532 bytes) Mark  Powell Chassis Dyno 4.jpg (360305 bytes)
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Marc Cohen, CT, using DataMite Mini on his inertia, chassis dyno  
Marc-Cohen-1.JPG (218493 bytes)
Marc-Cohen-2.JPG (297451 bytes) Marc-Cohen-3.JPG (197558 bytes) Marc-Cohen-4.JPG (258419 bytes)
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Andy Cattani, Classic and Race, Smallfields UK, using DataMite III on his Chassis Dyno 

"would share a couple pictures ... to show you some of the 2500 vehicles I've dynoíd on my rolling road using your software over the years"


Dave Smith Engineering, Exeter, CA, using DataMite II on his water brake dyno
Dave Smith Engineering Dyno.jpg (41090 bytes)
(Click on image to enlarge)


Andrew Ward, Deva Engineering, Australia, DataMite III, motorcycle, inertia dyno Click on blog link with many more pictures and info:   
Deva-Engineering-Dyno.JPG (313058 bytes)  (Click on image to enlarge)

Ivan Germansen, Give, Denmark, DataMite Mini, inertia dyno
germansen-dyno.jpg (56900 bytes)  (Click on image to enlarge)


Mike Kopchick, Rage Fuel Systems of Cheraw, SC, using DataMite 4 with BIG inertia dyno

  for youtube movie 


Michael VanDieren of Hampton, IL, using DataMite III and Mini Remote A/F Sampler on his Land & Sea tm ATV/Motorcycle Chassis, Inertia dyno

VanDieren-ATV-Chassis-Dyno.jpeg (422199 bytes) VanDieren-Chassis-Dyno-Computer.jpeg (598259 bytes) VanDieren-Chassis-Dyno-Room-With-Bike.jpeg (471417 bytes) VanDieren-Running-ATV-Chassis-Dyno-Test.jpeg (667845 bytes) VanDieren-Air-Fuel-Mini-Exhaust-Sampler-In-Exhaust.jpeg (490386 bytes) (Click on images to enlarge)


Henry Simons of Carrington, ND, using DataMite II on this Go Power dyno

dyno H&J.jpg (206545 bytes) (Click on image to enlarge)


Tommy Gray (designed for 2000+HP) Baltimore, MD

TommyGrayDyno1.JPG (59396 bytes) (Click on image to enlarge)

David Just, JP Motorsports Ransomville, NY  Karting Inertia Dyno

JP-Motorsports-Dyno-1.JPG (294477 bytes) JP-Motorsports-Dyno-2.JPG (251328 bytes) (Click on images to enlarge)

Kercher Engines (Richard), Computerized GoPower Dyno 
PHONE 574-893-4589 Roann, IN 

Kercher Ent Dyno Panel 008.jpg (39338 bytes) (Click on image to enlarge)

This printout is from the DataMite's "summary report". Much more detailed analysis 
is possible with the Graph and Report options. (scanned image from printout)
(Click on image to enlarge)

Geoff Nicholson, Tauranga, New Zealand    
Geoff got one of our first Eddy Current Dyno Controllers and helped us with valuable feedback



greg-benzon.jpg (140652 bytes) (Click on image to enlarge)

Stafford's Racing Products, 4606 Webster St., Dayton, Ohio 45414
Phone: 937-277-9944 FAX: 937-277-9239
URL: E-Mail:

The system ... has given us the opportunity to create some engines capable of competing with those anywhere in the country. We compared engines from other builders all over the country, and ours are as good, if not better, than theirs. I might have mentioned, we set-up a Comer 80cc engine for a young driver last week, made fifty+ pulls on the dyno, making changes that we felt would be beneficial, and ultimately set fast time, and won pole position for the George Evans Memorial Race. Two weeks of testing yielded more information that six months at the track. Thanks to Performance Trends, and the Data Mite system ....


dyno.jpg (31154 bytes) (Click on image to enlarge)

Bill Givens    Email:

Hi Tom (Krause at TDK Motorsports, an inertia dyno website) and Kevin (Performance Trends)...Well after almost a year of messing with it. I finally completed my dyno.  As far as I know this is the first version adapted to work with shifter engines...

I used a 30 x 1 inch wheel that is within .0005 round and faced to within .005.  This provides virtually no vibration at up to 2600 wheel RPM with a 125cc engine putting out 40 plus horsepower @13,000.  The thing works great...the software is very functional!!  My thanks to both of you for giving me a tool to tune from...totally investment was about $1800..  Thanks!!!
MVC-006F.JPG (29907 bytes) (Click on image to enlarge)

MVC-008F.JPG (54051 bytes) (Click on image to enlarge)


Bret Heskett    Website:

Bret is building these unique dynos for dirt bikes to sell.
Heskett Motorcycle Dyno.jpg (13610 bytes) (Click on image to enlarge)


QSAC team of Stan Smith, Randy Brown, & Mark Aldrich ( "Bench Top" inertia dyno shown with 23 cc Zenoah 2 stroke for RC car racing.
inertia-dyno-smaller.jpg (71961 bytes) (Click on image to enlarge)



C-Systems Dyno of Australia for Superkart Club  
Craig Philip Chassis Dyno.jpg (17540 bytes) (Click on image to enlarge)


The Scooter Garage, LLC  Josh Alleman  1502 E Main St, Mebane, NC 27302    Retrofitted Dynojet with DataMite III Electronics and Software

(Click on image to enlarge)

My dyno is a retrofitted Dynojet.  Less cost than the base DynoJet for way more features with my DataMite III, and easy, inexpensive expandability!   The old software was DOS based, and did not have the functionality that the DataMite has. 


Peterson Precision Works, Bob Peterson, Missoula, MT USA  "To be able to obtain quantitative results is of the utmost importance for any engine builder or tuner. In the past, R/C glow ignition engines have been difficult if not impossible to record or chart H.P. & TQ. figures. Thanks to Performance Trends and the Data Mite system, it is now a reality. With so many "so called" hop-up parts on the market now, a skilled tuner can quantify the results with consistency down to .02 - .03 H.P. Tuned pipes, porting, glow plugs, and fuel changes can all be tested and graphed for a particular set up." 
RC_Car_Inertia_Dyno.jpg (20106 bytes) (Click on image to enlarge)


Twin Seasons Recreation Ltd.  Denny Marinucci  Norval, Ont Canada  "Here is a picture of our inertia and eddy current dyno using your data acquisition equipment. It is capable of testing at the rear wheels of motorcycles and ATV's and will also test without the wheel via the bike or ATV chain directly.  We are currently making a snowmobile track adaptor as well. We are using your DataMite and remote A/F ratio collector and software. It works real slick and is extremely accurate as well. I hope to build a flow bench next using your products. Keep up the great work and thanks again. ....... People are surprised to find out we built it ourselves. There is not a universal dyno out there that will test motorcycles, ATVs and snowmobiles and that's why I had to build one. Your company has saved us over $25k USD hands down."
SPINDOCTOR 4.jpg (14584 bytes) (Click on image to enlarge)


Hiroyuki Okuma, Japan  RC Boat Inertia Dyno using Black Box II  Click on link to his website for more info:  

RC Boat Japan Dyno.jpg (184319 bytes) (Click on image to enlarge)


Hermod Lunde, Norway  Karting Inertia Dyno using Black Box II and A/F on 2 stroke engines.  Click on link to his website for more info:  

Hermod Lunde Dyno.jpg (58377 bytes) (Click on image to enlarge)


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