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Blaine Ramey Ramey Motorsports, Division3, NHRA Class Winner, First 2010 Mustang Cobra Jet Super Stock Win  This was the 1st time out with your great tools and we won!
   - Drag Race DataMite
   - Drag Racing Analyzer Pro - Team Engineer
   - Weather Station (with Wind Wizard)
The DataMite allowed me to quickly adjust the suspension to consistently launch the 1000 HP Cobra Jet on a very slippery track. Using the weather station and Drag Racing Analyzer I was able to predict vehicle performance to 0.005 seconds. This was crucial since we had to contend with constantly changing weather conditions.   Thanks for your support.  Blaine Ramey 
  Blaine Launching w PTI Decal.jpg (73635 bytes) Blaines Wheelstand.jpg (71467 bytes) Big-Block-Mustang-Launch.jpeg (179669 bytes)  click images to enlarge

for details on Blaine's latest move to replace the supercharged modular to a Big Block Hemi Ford

for full details on how these tools helped Blaine win in our Motorsports Blog


Tom Payn  2000 NMRA Pure Street Champion and 2000 WFC III Pure Stock Champion  "Engine Analyzer Pro has been a big help in 'dialing in' torque and HP from my engine. I also used Drag Racing Analyzer to help pick gearing and converter stall.  Performance Trends is the best performance analyzing software for the money."

Ken Duttweiller  Turbo Engine Builder  "I run nearly every engine combo through the Engine Analyzer Pro before we build it.  I use the power curves, which can be very close to real dyno curves.  I also use the other detailed outputs, like Cylinder Pressure and air flows during overlap, to really understand how each combo works and see the possible problems I might encounter."

Darin Morgan  Induction Research, Reher & Morrison Racing Engines  "I was able to input the data from our current Pro Stock engine and get within 1% of the actual peak and average power of the engine. I have worked with EVERY piece of software out there dealing with Engine Simulation except yours and I must say I am impressed.   ...your program (Engine Analyzer Pro) is the ONLY software that can adequately model the power curve of a modern Pro Stock engine...this is a really great piece of programming."

Troy Coughlin  Jegs Mail Order Pro Stock Racing Team   "It (Drag Racing Analyzer Pro) is really amazing.  I load in my car's specs and the weather conditions and it predicts my ET to within a couple hundredths."

Chris Andrews  Team Engineer, Richard Childress Racing  "Performance Trends' Suspension Analyzer is the fastest and easiest way for me to get the answers I'm looking for."

Steve Morris Engines  Muskegan, MI Measuring 3000+ HP on BB Chevy using Performance Trends' Dyno DataMite system.  You'll see our logger on the wall and our software when they show you the power curves.  Click on link for youtube video:

Frank Parks  Neil and Parks Racing Ent.  Burlingame, KS USA  Last year, we were going back and forth between cams with 55 and 60 mm journals and the different profiles and base circles they would allow for. The Performance Trends' Cam Test Stand really pointed out some things that helped optimize our cam and gain HP. Then we took our NHRA A Nostalgia dragster to Pomona and my son Scott beat the class record by .040 seconds and over 5 MPH. I'm not a big fan of computers, but that's one computer tool that really saved our season.

Xerxes Surkari, Zex Racing, Toronto Canada  "Being primarily a research and development facility we have a lot of new designs which have to be tested. Performance trends tools like Engine Analyzer Pro, help us to cut our development time substantially by getting us closer to our dynamic goals. Their team is always pushing to stay on the cutting edge of technology to offer us new products. We have been using performance trends tools for  over 15 years now and fully endorse their product."

Donald Williams  Williams Performance Autoworks, Newport News, VA USA (2 time second place finisher in the Engine Masters Challenge)  The Engine Analyzer Pro was a big help in putting together our engine combo for the Engine Masters Challanges.  Not only does it help pick the right parts, it does all the other engine math like piston speed and runner velocities, which is a huge time saver.

Ed Tyler  veteran Funny Car Engine Builder, Brownsburg, IN USA   We use the Performance Trends' Automatic Spring Tester all the time.  We've run probably thousands of springs through it, both valve springs and clutch springs.

Dave Moore  Dave Moore Racing, Keizer, OR USA   I have been building the Honda ATC/TRX 250R motors since 1985 and in that time i have built 2 dynos and owned 2 pro built dynos. On my latest dyno built i went with the DataMite Mini USB and the pro version of the dyno software. I have never used a hardware/software package that is as comprehensive as the product built by Performance Trends. I can say with out a doubt it is the best money i have ever invested in a dyno application. I am eager to run their data logger on my future builds. 
Dave-Moore-Racing.jpg (241002 bytes)  Dave-Moore-Racing-2.jpg (183568 bytes)  (click images to enlarge them) 

Randy Gallagher/Bishop Performance  #78 WOW Racing Team, Flat Rock Speedway, Capac, MI USA  Jeff Metdepenningen and I began stock car racing in 1980. I do the chassis set up in this car every Thursday. This is the first time he used this software (Suspension Analyzer), I used it before with Legend cars. The driver may be surprised, but I'm not. We have not even begun to figure out what this program can do for us. When that happens, watch out. This win is all handling, 'cause we sure don't have any motor'.    Macomb Daily articles attached. Thanks guys.
Bill-Bishop-Jeff-Metdepenningen-Car.jpg (57413 bytes) Bill-Bishop-Jeff-Metdepenningen-Newspaper.jpg (122953 bytes)  (click images to enlarge them) 

Johan Ragnarsson  JRD Tuning LLC, Hoschton, GA USA  Our JRD MK2 Escort  was featured on the cover of the 2017 edition Historic Racing Technology.  The called it "The Wildest Escort Ever" and ran a 10 page article on it.  In the article we referenced Performance Trends' Suspension Analyzer as being a big help in setting up the suspension, page 20.
    for link to Historic Racing Technology article.

 Jeff Rosenberger  Rosenberger Competition Kart Engines, Manorville, PA USA  I Ran a few pulls tonight, (Dyno DataMite) works GREAT !!!!!! I'm getting real consistent data in the lower RPM's from 3000-6000, the upper level 6000-7000+ it's a little different from pull to pull, not much maybe 4/10 on torque at a given rpm, I'm sure its me (operator error) these engines tend to get a little crazy at those rpm's, I just need to get the rpm controlled a little more consistent in the upper rpm range.. I'm really happy with it, and I thank you and john for all the help getting it going.. PS I'm sure I'll have some more ?'s in the future LOL!!  TRULY HAPPY WITH IT...  I Know the comparison graph feature will be VERY useful, I can see it being a great benefit. I've been building kart engines for apprx. 15 years, and I can already say for a FACT that the datamite system is one of the best investments I made as far as engine building equipment. and I consider it equipment, every bit as important as the mill, rod-hones, flowbench etc..
 rosenberger-19-peiffer 2.jpg (41144 bytes) rosenberger-99.jpg (71441 bytes) rosenberger-dyno1.jpg (72855 bytes) rosenberger-dyno3.jpg (49060 bytes) rosenberger-dyno2.jpg (46503 bytes) (click images to enlarge them)

Peter Murray  Horsepower Engineering Australia, Capalaba, Qld Australia     Port Flow Analyzer has made flow testing so much quicker and user friendly; no need for lengthy calculations in between flow tests which means we get back in the porting room sooner and back on the flow bench.  This helps us quickly develop ports.  With developing ports we may see up to 60 individual flow tests on the same port and instead of just looking at numbers on many pieces of paper as we were doing in the past we can overlay results on top of each other in a graph which makes comparisons between port revisions much easier to read.  The ability to flow up to 60" is another bonus as it allows us to flow at a higher test pressure than the industry std 28" which can highlight ports that suffer turbulence above 28" which is common for some cylinder heads.  This has allowed us to address these issues and along with port velocity mapping we can easily identify busy and lazy areas of ports which also aides port development.

Port Flow Analyzer is also great for using with custom flow benches as it will guide you through the calibration of custom orifice plates, etc.

It there are any flow bench upgrades in the future we with outfit them with Port Flow Analyzer. I refuse to use any other flow bench software, this software has so many features even after using the software for quite some time we were still finding useful features we had not tapped in to yet, eg flow area graphs, stability graphs, piston speed graphs, velocity maps, overlap flow graphs, various reports etc etc, with flow coef, cfm per sq in also helps us easily identify how well a port flows for a given valve area.  This is a very in depth program that is easy to use and will aid anyone with their cylinder head development programs.

 Tom Rayl  Karting Engine Builder  "I've got over 15,000 dyno pulls (20500 pulls as of 2011) on my inertia dyno with the Dyno DataMite system.  This is some of the best money I've ever spent." 

Jack Hidley  Maximum Motorsports,  We're very impressed with the software (Suspension Analyzer Full Vehicle v2.4). It has quite a number of features and is very easy to use. We've tested several of the calculation results and have found no errors so far. We have other suspension modeling software that costs four times as much, has major errors and is nearly impossible to use.

Chris Fontaine  Fuel Specialist, Mark Gibson Racing  "I really like the program (Pit Stop Mileage Calculator) and even maintaining fuel predictions for 2 cars in a fuel mileage race I was confident with the numbers. I also loved the feeling when the software showed we were good to lap 110 on a 94 lap race. (I can take off the apron ha ha)"

Will O'Connor  Engine Builder  Niagara Power Sports (  "The Performance Trends Valve Spring Tester is both accurate and fast. It paid for itself in the first couple weeks we owned it, when it help solve an on going valve spring problem we were fighting."

Monte Campbell J.R. Pump Motorsports, Winner 2006 Pro-Mod AMA Prostar Nationals Finals   I really appreciate your DataMite II system on my Pro Drag Bike. It's a little bigger than some of the other loggers out there, but it's "bullet proof" for getting me the data I need. Last race the other Pro bikes had problems with their "high dollar" data loggers downloading data, analyzing the data, etc. They all were looking at my DataMite data to see the bump down the track causing us fits.  Yours was by far the most reliable, accurate and easy to use. Also, your tech support is great. 

Lohring Miller B&M Mfg  RC Boat Speed Records (109+ MPH on Water with 26ccs)  Mike Bontoft and I work together as B&M Manufacturing.  We develop model and full sized boats for racing and speed record attempts.  So far we are the only people in the world to hold gasoline powered, radio controlled boat records over 100 mph.  Our 26cc boat record is 109+ mph and our 36cc record is 103+ mph.  The development of the 36cc engine is described in an article I did for  You can find it with a picture of the dyno setup at    You will notice that I import all the data into a spreadsheet so I can average runs and format the display.  When we are in the process of testing, the comparison of different runs with your graphing function is very helpful.  We often make 40 runs in an afternoon, and this would not be possible with a brake dyno.  Inertial dynos are also easier on the engines because the tests are so short.  I plan to write an article for Model Engine Builder describing the construction of the mechanical parts of the dyno.  So far it has withstood lots of runs over 20,000 rpm with only one bearing needing replacing.  We are talking about runs over 30,000 rpm if we decide to develop a 30cc twin, so we may need to talk to you about the display at this speed.  Thanks again for your support over the years.  

Dave McLain McLain's Automotive, Cuba MO   This morning I had a customer come in with an unknown cam from his Big Block Chevy. It was a solid roller that had been badly damaged by a lifter failure so he needed a new cam. The problem was that the numbers had been ground off of the cam by a previous owner so the only information he had was the lash setting.  Call in the Cam Analyzer (with Cam Test Stand) which was used to create a cam card with all of the information he needed to know about the cam in minutes. Great tool!

Tony Musolino Musolino Motorsports, Carnegie PA  We won the Super Late Model feature on Saturday night at Marion Center Speedway. We started in 18th and made the pass for 1st on the last lap. I feel your product (Roll Center Calculator) is an important part of our program.


Mark Balinski Dymaxion Engineering and Design, T&T Racing Engines, Gurnee IL  Your Cam Test Stand has really improved our engine builds because it's faster and easier than gathering this data by hand. Recently, we ordered a "bigger" cam with 6 deg more duration for an engine combo we were building on the dyno. Because I've got the Cam Stand, we checked the new cam prior to installing it and dyno testing the engine. Well, although it had a different part number, it turned out to be the exact same cam we already had in the motor. Our cam grinder was pretty embarrassed and sent a new cam right away. That really saved a lot of time, effort, CUSTOMER EXPENSE, and then confusion why as to why a "bigger" cam didn't run any different or any better. Any engine shop that wants to build an "edge" for their product needs to be looking at their cams very carefully. We thought that your Cam Test Stand would be something we would use "occasionally" to help resolve "unusual" problems. We are now checking EVERY cam we use, and will not consider installing a cam without checking it first. Thanks guys for providing a superior product that is saving us time and effort, and providing better service and quality to our customers.

Sandy Lee Sheppard Racing Ent, Barrington NH  Thanks again  After getting your program (Suspension Analyzer) in 2006, in 2007 we won 9 races at Star Speedway. 2008, won every other races and won the championship at Star Speedway.  July 4 2015 won at New Hampshire motor speedway.  We are currently racing at New Smyrna Speedway in FL. we are now up to 9 cars in Florida and still have four in New Hampshire. All owned by Jim Daley racing.

Joe Allenby-Byrne THROBNOZZLE ENGINEERING LIMITED, Shoreham-by-sea, West Sussex, England  In addition to our race winning Ford engines, I used the program (Engine Analyzer Pro) to develop a Rootes group engine earlier this year.  This was done with parts from CP Carrillo and a custom cam from CAT (also designed by Engine Analyzer Pro) in Belgium, along with Andy Cattani's rolling road.  We got a 1725cc 100 BHP engine rebuilt at 1590cc in the smaller capacity class, and 139 BHP. Very happy people all round, its running in a 1958 Hillman Minx saloon car, built another which raced at the Goodwood revival also. It's been a very good investment.

Jefferson Weiss Jeff Automotive/ Auto Racing - Curitiba/ Brasil  I used your 4 Link Calculator and I built a new rear suspension for a friend’s car.  His 60 feet time was 2,1…2,2 sec! Now we got 1,872 sec on the best launch!!! It’s fabulous!!  This time was the 2nd best 60 feet time between all of competitors of our category!!! We got the 4th place!!!  This was our first race of this new suspension and we have a lot of things to improve yet!!!  But, I wanna share you this happiest moment!! Graces of you and Dave (Morgan) I got it!!!  Thanks!!!

Garth Selig  Repair & Restoration Services, Wetherill Park, NSW Australia   I have installed the program (Engine Analyzer Pro) on my laptop and we are getting very similar figures from your program to the actual engine dyno figures which my staff and clients are impressed with. Your program has helped me get an extra 15hp and 10 ft lbs of torque to date by trying cams, inlet tracks and exhaust setups. 

Steve Kramer  Kramer Bros Race Kraft, Pasadena MD   I have been using your program (4 Link Calculator) since about 2002 and have never had a problem with it. I have hundreds of files of cars used on your program. By the way we have built some fast pro mod and top sportsman cars over the years and you program will work on them to, just a little adjusting by me as you program will now show that type of et or speed. It gives great baselines to start out with and that is what the customer needs.

 David Inall  APS Engineering  Australia  We have just finished doing the work we originally purchased your equipment to undertake [DataMite II with 4 DT2-AF2s (8 individual cylinder A/Fs)].  Not only did it work flawlessly ... , but the end results succeeded in scaring us just as badly as I thought it would!! ....  Please allow me to say, your service is, without doubt, the absolute best of any US company we have ever dealt with.

Tracy Hamilton  S/Pro Drag Racer  Alamo, TN  The 4 Link Calculator has helped me get 10 cars set up so they all launch perfectly.  I went from a 1.32 60 ft to a 1.27 after my first adjustment to what the program suggested.  Every driver is thrilled with how predictable, straight and consistent the car leaves the line.  When they ask what I did, I show them my computer and say, "Just do what this program says."  This is the best $80 I've ever spent. 

Josh Alleman  The Scooter Garage LLC, 1502 E Main St, Mebane, NC 27302    I'll be tuning a custom Honda Ruckus later today, with a 175cc 4-stroke engine with stroker crank and big-bore cylinder (they are originally 50cc, but we put this modified 150cc engine in it!). 

Without the DataMite III and software, I wouldn't have been able to get this thing tuned in nearly as good! 10.74 HP isn't bad considering that most GY6 engines come with around 5 or 6 HP stock. There is more power to be had though, and the head and valves will be revisited in the near future. This thing is going to the drag strip early next month. Someday in the future, I'd like to build a (EZ Flow) flow bench with PT equipment! I've got to finish recouping from the dyno purchase before I daydream too much about a flow bench.

My dyno is a retrofitted Dynojet.  Less cost than the base DynoJet for way more features with my DataMite III, and easy, inexpensive expandability!   The old software was DOS based, and did not have the functionality that the DataMite has. 

Michael VanDieren Chassis Dyno Operator IL  I was finally able to get back out to my garage and spend a little time with my new A/F Mini Unit. I can see that the A/F Mini is going to be a very useful tool. I don't have much experience so I am probably not the best person to give a review but I can tell you that with each needle adjustment or jet change we saw very consistent and expected changes in the air fuel ratio. I swapped out the hose barb with a quarter inch compression fitting and about 3 feet of quarter inch copper tubing. Then I made a tripod for it so that I can adjust the height depending on the location of the exhaust. Thank you so much for all of the great products and tech support.
VanDieren-Air-Fuel-Mini-Exhaust.jpeg (460171 bytes)  VanDieren-Air-Fuel-Mini-Exhaust-Sampler-In-Exhaust.jpeg (490386 bytes)  click images to enlarge them

Ralph Ellingham Kart Racer's Dad UK  We race in the UK in Super 1 British Cadet Championships. As with all racing engine performance is critical but particularly in cadet racing as we finding .1hp will make a difference. We selected the Datamite Mini USB unit to be used with our Dyno and we can confirm all of our selection criteria have been easily met and surpassed. The readings provided by DataMite are very consistent and the level of support by Kevin and his team is excellent. The cost point, in my opinion, makes the Performancetrends kit a no brainer, couple this with the support and reliability and it really is a win-win deal.  

Update-2017  Letting you know that last weekend Lucas secured the 2017 ABkC British Open Champion title. This now means Lucas is the only cadet in the U.K. that can run the number 'O' on his plate. We still use your Dyno DataMite etc to check his engines and thought you may like to know.

Steve Berg Kart Racer MN  Thank you guys.  The DataMite mini works awesome.  It shows the littlest changes made to my animal engines.  It took me a year to pull the trigger to purchase your product and I shouldn't have.  It is a hundred times better then my old program. My hats off to your whole team. Thanks again.


Jon Wishon, Bay Cities Motorsports, OR  I've tried other suspension software and your Roll Center Calculator is by far the best, fastest and easiest. All the inputs are on 1 screen.

Jason Merritt Racer/Suspension Tuner WA  I have performed several real world tests involving measuring camber gain with a digital inclinometer. Changing only the angle of the slider (strut angle) by slotting out the strut mounts/ears, but maintaining the same SAI, does have a fairly large effect on camber change. My testing does seemingly validate your software (Suspension Analyzer 'Full Vehicle')!  I'm excited about what I already learned in such a short time. I can't say enough about your customer service, and patience with me. Thanks for everything!

Dave and Aidan Charity Kart Racing in UK  Thanks Kevin, For a very quick reply, I didn't know what time it was "over the pond" and had expected a longer wait. You might like to know my Son (now aged 12) has secured two championships and no less than 31 trophies in just over 18 months of Kart racing. Thanks to your products (Dyno DataMite III USB) we can set-up carbs to engines and monitor effects of adjustments in the workshop under controlled conditions. 

Jason Shumate NHRA Div. 3 Racer  "Drag Racing Analyzer is working beautiful. Just as an example, I was in Chicago at the NHRA meet last weekend. We ran two passes on Friday and ran a 10.70 and 10.95 for the (Throttle Stop Prediction) setup. We came back Saturday morning and the wind changed from calm to a 23mph head wind and the temp dropped and humidity went up. Everyone in our class ran 11.00's or 10.70's and we ran a 10.93 which was the closest car to the 10.90 index.  Thanks."

Tim Gillespie  Gillespie Racing  "Without my Datamite to help me dial in my new car, there's no way I could have won a points meet the second time out."


Roy Thomas  Drag Racer, Sydney Australia "I put new slicks on my 300 cubic inch D/Gas 300ZX Nissan. The car did large wheel stands hitting the wheelie bars and unloading the tyres. Using your 4 Link Calculator program, I was able to use the recommended instant centre and plot a 4 link setting to launch the car and improve our 60 foot times." 


Dave Moore  Sand Drag Racer, Lipan, TX  Thanks again for all your help and such a great product.  This is the bike we are installing the (Drag DataMite 4 Sportsman Plus package) data recorder on. Its my latest build. Hooper race motors built the motor and did the dyno testing on it at 327 hp at the crank shaft. The bikes weighs in at 372 lbs so a good power to weight ratio. The last one i build using this motor combo ran the best of a 3.128 @ 100 mph in the 100 yards but weighs 456 lbs so we are looking to break the record that bike has held for the last 4 years.


Jean Stafford  Stafford's Racing Products  Dayton, OH "The (DataMite) system (with our inertia dyno) has given us the opportunity to create some engines capable of competing with those anywhere in the country. We compared engines from other builders all over the country, and ours are as good, if not better, than theirs. I might have mentioned, we set-up a Comer 80cc engine for a young driver last week, made fifty+ pulls on the dyno, making changes that we felt would be beneficial, and ultimately set fast time, and won pole position for the George Evans Memorial Race. Two weeks of (dyno) testing yielded more information that six months at the track.  Thanks."

Jim Frantz Faster Motors, WI  I immediately found an engine problem after hooking up the remote sensor box (DT2-AFRM Mini Remote Sampling System).  The engine had a vacuum leak where the carb is connected to the engine.  (Prior to this,) the sensor worked just fine before but engine vibration would give me a short sensor life. Sensors are too expensive to replace frequently.  I also had to have a dedicated pipe to put on each engine. Different engines use different pipes for torque and hp at different rpms. I can put the probe in the end of any pipe and not affect how it works.  Before having the remote sensor i had to just try different jets in the carb and just tune for the most torque and HP.  Now i can see the fuel curve and know what i need to do with jetting.  I can also compare one engines fuel curve to another and know if it's right or not.  Thanks again.  It works just great.

 Tridell Champion Bolsa Engine  Deer River, MN  Also wanted to say I recently purchased your spring tester and in just the short time I have had it I'm not sure how I ever lived with out it even as a small volume shop. Amazing Product! It was simply amazing staring at all the information that provided in such a short amount of time.  I really couldn't be more pleased with it which is a lot of the reason I'm looking at the cam test stand now.

Jarmo Ylipelkonen  Alaharma, Finland  040-0435827   Yesterday, when we make dyno calibration, sensors calibration and software adjustments ready, it took not more time than 1 hour.  And after that, we could see torque and hp graph in the Dyno DataMite software from a car we ride at the chassis dyno.  The owner was very surprised, did not believe their eyes, they have now own professional dyno, with internal weather station, that it works flawlessly and so easy to use, even for beginners.  (Performance Trends Note:  Jarmo has helped several people get their DataMite Dyno systems running in Finland.  If you are in Scandinavia and want help getting your dyno instrumented or working better, you should contact Jarmo.)

Lyndon Wester, Wester's Garage, Tilley, Alberta, Canada  (Note:  Lyndon only had the "email activated" demo of Drag Racing Analyzer v3.0 on their desktop and not on their laptop yet.)  "Ran the (Drag Racing Analyzer)  software and compared it to what the car 'actually' ran at the track, and believe it or not--it's only out .005 the actual consistent times that the car ran. We're back to running last years' engine due to a little 'rod' failure via stressed rod bolts, and threw a couple carbs on a tunnel ram and did one jet run consistent 11.714 to 11.712 all weekend.  We broke out when our little 'headwind' stopped mid-afternoon and sent us packing. Next day, was I ever shocked when I entered the headwind #s in the software and came up with 11.652 (we ran 11.663)--showed this to my driver and he said (and I quote), 'If you leave this software home next time we're at the track, I'll have to kill ya !!' "

Needless to say--hope the discs show up soon, so I can install it on the laptop.  Thanks again for making an "accurate" product.

Pete Exton, Exton Precision Engineering, Gold Coast, Australia  The Engine Analyzer Pro was used quite extensively in the development of this Project.  I used many parts of the program in developing this little engine including comparing Turbo compressor maps, ignition timing and tuning, airflow and cam timing, exhaust design.  Last chassis dyno run prior to last weekends race meeting the car produced 740HP at the tyres, from 1.8 litres.  Previous, but a different chassis dyno, figures slightly lower but very similar.  This Isuzu YEP8S TG Gemini with 3 speed Trimatic and factory torque tube diff. is running in the 8s.

YouTube video:

YouTube video:

Ron Hamp, of RHC, Elwell, MI  Your DataMite III is working great on my (major brand) dyno!. It allows for me to use lots more sensors, do many more types of graphs and analysis than the original (major brand) dyno. And it does this at a much cheaper cost than upgrading their software. I'll never go back to using the (major brand) dyno software, electronics, or sensors again.

Bob Sadler, Elk Grove, CA USA   Thank you for the unlock code; it worked perfectly. I used your previous (Engine Analyzer) program to design a flat tappet camshaft that produced the torque curve that I wanted for a 302 Ford engine. Then I looked up the closest camshaft available on your program; it was a Ms A311. I put the 302, with the Ms A311, in my 1968 Mustang Convertible, and it idled, almost smoothly, at 550 RPM. That engine had headers , a 600 cfm Holley, Edelbrock alum heads & Perf RPM intake manifold. Your program indicated 229 hp at a slightly higher RPM than a Mustang FI 5.0 had. I believed it. My 1968 PU has a 359 W with similar equipment and a Isky 265 roller and it idles, almost smoothly, at 550 RPMs. I’m really happy with your program. It has helped me design at least 7 different engines. If I can refer anyone to your company, I will.

Dave Mongeon,
Drag racer, Ont, Canada 
P.S attached is a photo of the car your software (Engine Analyzer Plus, Drag Race Analyzer, 4 Link Plus) helped us run successfully! 

Kent Kroeker,  President of KORE ( ) , CA  Desert racing is one of the most punishing and unforgiving motorsports in the world. We use Performance Trends software (Roll Center Calculator), so we can test engineering changes in the virtual world, rather than destroying parts in the actual one. Not only does it save a lot of money in parts, it saves R and D time. The net result is that our race program improves more quickly and for less money. 

Curtis Boggs, Racing Flow Development, Tilley, Alberta, Canada  After "updating" to the Port Flow Analyzer Pro the time it takes to properly flow and analyze a Head has dropped to minutes not hours as before. More importantly the use of Port Flow Analyzer has helped me find performance gains I couldn't find the "old way".  The 2nd (1600 cc Ford) head we produced using the additional information the Port Flow Analyzer provided gave use an average of a 2 HP GAIN over any other head available!  All I can say is Port Flow Analyzer is great, .. and thank you very much.

"I have both engine programs (Engine Analyzer Plus v3.2 and Engine Analyzer Pro v3.3) and have great success with both programs.  We have done over 100 engines through the programs & then on the engine dyno & had remarkable accuracy on every time we have run the dyno.  The other amazing thing is the extra horsepower that has been found on some engines because of the infinite testing you can do before you build and dyno a engine.  Very happy."

"I can't thank you enough for the great service,  ..  you and your crew have a top notch product and back it up with incredible service."

Craig Ulmer, Tractor Pull Champion, Larchwood, IA  One of our DataMite data logger customers has had some very good results again.  Craig Ulmer of Larchwood, Iowa won the 7400lb Modified Tractors (MOD) class at the Western Farm Show tractor pull in February for the 4rd year in a row:   Check out their YouTube video of this winning run from their roll cage camera at this link:

Ulmer-Pulling.jpg (66623 bytes) (click image to enlarge)

Dan Redmond Engineer, Charleston, WV "The DataMite has been very valuable during 'test and tune' in helping us set-up our Jr Dragsters.  My daughter Kelsey won the 14-17 year old age group, and my son Kaleb placed fourth in the 10-11 year old age group at the Maryland International Raceway IHRA Junior Nationals."

Glenn Agren, engine builder, Norway I have now made a lot of run`s whit the Datamite III installed on the dyno and everything work`s fantastic. :-)

Dave McLain, Engine Builder, Cuba, MO  I just wanted to let you know that I have my Cam Analyzer setup (CTS-WOS electronics with Dave's Stand and Cam Analyzer software) all working and it works great!  I've used it to plot several cams for customers who had stuff that was unknown. The software works impressively well with the Black Box and having the "Cam Card" report that I can print out and hand to the customer after the test is perfect.
cam_Card.gif (18192 bytes)  (click image to enlarge it)

Months later, Dave wrote us saying:  This is really a handy program. It's funny how many customers that I know who have a few "mystery cams" sitting on the shelf. They are surprised when I tell them that there is no mystery cam and plotting them is easy and only takes a few minutes.

Dean Clattenburg PASS South #39  Just wanted to thank everyone at Performance Trends for producing such incredible software.  I've been utilizing your Suspension Analyzer on our super late model for about 5 years now and have yet to fully utilize the software to what I believe to be its full potential for both the front and rear suspension.  My team has enjoyed great competitive racing over this time using Suspension Analyzer. Each season we only compete on a limited schedule but most recently in 2008 won a super late model race at SNRP in Kenly, NC.  In November we made the cover of Late Model Racer Magazine with a story about our racing efforts.  PT is a part of all that and I thought y'all should know.  Myself being the driver/suspension tech, the relationship from computer to race track is invaluable to me.  With my limited resources and time I am able to work out my desired front end settings and put them through simulated dive and roll in the computer without leaving the shop.  Once this was done a few times and used in conjunction with my driver feel at race track tests and later through the duration of race events, I have been able to better expand my thought process and back up the results used from simulation in the software.  It is quite an enjoyable process and beneficial to the success of my team.  I highly recommend your software products to low budget teams on up.  A racer can save much more in time and money utilizing the software than it costs to purchase it.  Many times this information is worked out for you when you buy a new car but if you want to try and take it to another level or just utilize a shop full of different front end parts in an effort to save some money, this software will defiantly help.  If one is racing for trophies, $100 to win or $10,000 this software works.  Thanks again for such great service.   

Dave Jensen, Roadrunners Performance Stockton, CA 209-983-4099   I use your Drag Race Analyzer 3.4 and love how close your numbers come out compared to the real car.  Here is a picture of the street car we test with.  It was within a .010th of the program.


Marty Martinson Camdenton, MO   I build engines for a 7 time track champion at I-44 speedway. I use Engine Analyzer 3.4 to build them it take the guess work out of cam selection, it is surprising close to actual dyno numbers.  Here's a picture of our car we race and use your software to build the engine, and now the setup (using Circle Track Analyzer v3.6).


Jonathan Ryan Swamp's Diesel Perf & Tech, La Vergne, TN 615-793-5573 Ext 3  "PS: We've picked up solid 80HP across the power band from 1500-4500 RPM on the 7.3 Power Stroke Diesel engines from head porting since getting the EZ Flow."
Swamps-Diesel-Dyno-Stock-vs-Ported-Heads.JPG (55428 bytes)  click image to enlarge it

Gil Merolli Drag Racer, NH  "Oh, and by the way it (4 Link Calculator) worked awesome.  My 60 foots went from 1.45 to 1.38.  I was pumped."

Jannice Bartvedt, Kart Racer, Norway   Having finally put together the DataMite dyno system I am happy to tell that I am receiving repeatable results that has taught me more about engine overhaul, carburator settings and engine tuning during the last week than I learnt during the first three years of my sons karting. From now on we can use the track time to tune driving skills and kart setup knowing that we have a working engine.

Dale Williams  Product Engineering Supervisor, Volvo Group Trucks Technology, MD  Here's my Pro/Street Opel GT Pro/Street. 406SBC, Edlebrock Heads, Dual Plane Kool Can, 650 DP/350 Turbo/ATI 10” Convertor/8 ¾” Chrysler 3.91:1 Sure Grip, 4 Link, 15.5 X 15 X 29 MT.  Car was built using Performance Trends Engine Analyzer, Drag Race Analyzer, 4 Link Program. Everything from Performance Trends I used worked “spot on”.  On the engine dynamometer the engine made 411 Ft. Lbs. of torque as soon as the ignition fired @ 2500RPM. At 3900 RPM it made 466 Ft. Lbs. 425HP @ 5400 RPM. On Sunoco 260 pump gas.  Car was built strictly for the street. Has never been to the strip. Weighs 2300 lbs. wet. Will “black track” anywhere anytime. Fun ride.   I would recommend the Performance Trends Software to anyone planning to build an engine. You don’t have to have the Professional stuff because their basic software will definitely be within 1% to 2% of the actuals. At least that was my experience. With the incorporated libraries on engines, cylinder heads, camshafts, etc. you can build any variables into your engine without spending any money on engine parts. The Engine Analyzer will store the most recent simulations you have run so you do side by side comparisons.  All in all Performance Trends is the way to go HANDS DOWN. 

Gary Whitmire Cycle Tune  Fresno, CA  "Your Port Flow Analyzer Pro has converted my 'dust collecting' flow bench into a tool I now use every weekend.  I'm thrilled with your products."

John Powers  Comp Eliminator Racer  Addison, MI "We reset the National Record in AA/A class.  Your Trans Gear Calculator and Drag Racing Analyzer helped us pick different trans and rear end ratios that improved the car's performance on the track!  Thanks!"

Shawn Stones  MSR Motorsports Ontario Canada "Very impressed with support from you guys (on your Dyno DataMite)! Other companies out there could use a lesson from performance trends. Thx again "

Don Gould   Too Much Motorsports   Vancouver WA   "(using your Practice Tree software) I cut my reaction time average last year from .551 to 521!  EXCELLENT program!"

Ray Fulton Fundy PowerSports   NS Canada   I received the (4 channel) Datamite on Friday. Had the Dyno up and running since Friday night (until 2:00 A.M.)  It works perfectly. I am very impressed with the hardware and software. It repeats within 1-2%.  If they want, people can contact me at

Aric Streeter SCCA Racer, South Lyon MI  I love how simple this program (Roll Center Calculator) is to use - I already completely modeled the front suspension of my SCCA Sports Racer within an hour! I've struggled with other supposedly more "powerful" programs and it's refreshing to see how easy the program is to use - and the roll / dive visual simulations are an awesome tool. Thanks again for a great product!

Jared Coory RC Racemotors, Tauranga, New Zealand  Have got the software up and running on the dyno (Dyno DataMite v3.7 Basic with DataMite Mini USB), and VERY happy with the product.  The sensor and kits fitted easily, and the software is very straightforward and user friendly.

 Glenn Watson  Circle Track Racer Ont Canada  Thought I would fire off some feedback regarding your Engine Analyzer Pro program. I am in the process of building a new engine, with a little different setup than my current one. So for kicks, I downloaded you EA demo just to see how close it was to the engine I had dynoed the previous spring.  I selected some of the provided examples for cams and a set of dart heads, pressed the calc button and to my amazement the number were remarkably close.  Wanted to get a little closer to my specs so I entered my cam specs, Head Flow info and found it was a little high - so then I tweaked the exhaust specs to match a little closer to my headers and I have it almost exactly what my engine dynoed and now have established a baseline.  Now I can play with the carb specs, head and cam specs to tweak it a bit.

Andy Cattani, Classic and Race, Smallfields UK, using DataMite III on his Chassis Dyno 
"would share a couple pictures ... to show you some of the 2500 vehicles I've dynod on my rolling road using your software over the years"

JJ Hall, Dale Engineering  Harrisonburg VA   Gotta say thanks to the guys at Performance Trends!,  Kevin your the man!  Kevin helped me get the first dyno data (Dyno Data Analyzer) program going for my old 801 Superflow.  He worked with me a lot of hours to make the new program work. I used this program for about 5yrs. no problems! I then had the dyno updated to a 901, he help me get a couple bugs worked out with the new control board that was installed in the console of the dyno, been using this about 5 yrs also.  (Another software package) is too time consuming, too many steps to get the info, storing files, graphing, overlays.

Jarmo Yylipelkonen, Finland has used several Performance Trends performance to help Juhani Jyranko get his 51 VW Beetle to the top of spot (by a huge margin) of the Cal-Look standings   "I made tune-up, with your worlds best wideband A/F meter, DT2-AF1, (and Black Box II Dyno system) also I made final porting too, to the original type 4 heads for Juhani Jyränkö."

Update for 2007:  Last summer (2007) he did 10.48/125 1/4 mile. No Nitrous, no Turbos, licensed street car, with original heads and rockers, ported and flowed, 270 cfm at 28", type 4 engine.  Biggest improvement was a new custom ground camshaft, made  in Finland and with your Cam (Test Stand) instrument.  Wheelie bars, new crashbox transmission from Porsche 911, engine 4-cylinder 2.7 litres boxer (2.6 litres 2006).  We found with the Dyno Datamite (Black box) and inertia dyno, and your wideband A/F meter 292 horsepower and 265 ft/lbs engine power.

Update for 2010:  Hellou, It´s fine (DataMite Mini), I have no hurry, I found usb port and it work´s amazing, without external power supply, your DataMite is absolute best piece in the world.. Thank´s a lot...

Phil Gould, Kart Engine Builder (hobby), Salisbury, NC  I'll start by saying I love my Dyno DataMite system really works great, I appreciate the help and support. Affordable, works great, and great customer support. Can't ask for anymore than that.

Scott Blevins, USLMA (US Late Model Ass.), Amerillo TX  We've made tremendous improvements using your Suspension Analyzer software and with the help of Ed OHayre's suggestions for shocks and springs.  We dropped our lap times from 16.8 seconds to 16.3 seconds at Colorado National Speedway in Denver.  This stuff is great.

Pat Mikesell  Dad/Crewchief, Chris Mikesell Motorsports  Salina KS  Thanks Kevin!!  I think understanding and adjusting our front roll center (Roll Center Calculator) is the single most effective improvement to our racing program that we've done.  We LOVE it!!  I'll let you know if we decide to upgrade to the Circle Track Analyzer.

Dave Price Australia  Just a quick e-mail to let you know the (Dyno DataMite III USB) equipment arrived. I am very impressed with the quality of the system.  Documentation is comprehensive and well laid out.  Thank you  Regards Dave  A very happy customer.

Alex Buchholz of "Alex' Zweitaktschmiede", D-63263 Neu-Isenburg, Germany  I'd like to commend you for the perfect service to me.  Before buying (DataMite III USB for Dyno), all my questions were answered in a calm manner (and there were many!).  All items were shipped properly, arrived here in best shape, were correct.  All cables came at the requested length, all cables and plugs were perfectly laid out. No questions required.  Installing the program was a joy! Whenever, after reading the text, a question sprung to my mind it was immediately met by a window with encouraging explanation. Bravo!  Couldn't be any better!!!!!
Alex's 1964 DKW F12 (DKW is predecessor of today's AUDI). 920 cc 3-cyl inline 2-stroke engine, 90+ HP at 6800 RPM.  "Very quick."

Wesley Bochem Hurricane Racing Netherlands   We have received the package and we got her working very nice program and equipment (Cam Dr Retrofit Kit using Cam Test Stand software and electronics). The first 10 exotic cam profiles are in files now. Its very useful that the graphics can be layout over each other so then its very clear what the difference between the cam profiles is. Thanks for all the help and good service nice to do business with you.

Nick Gay  British Drag Racer  Thanks for your help and by the way I have finished third in the British Drag Racing Championships (sportsman et) three times in the last four years and was not beaten on reaction time all last season. So you can see the Practice Tree v2.0 works!

Joe Abbin, Roadrunner Engineering ( is the author of 335 HP Flathead Ford V-8 Handbook and others. EAP (Engine Analyzer Pro) is an essential part of my engine development work. Now that I'm a partner in an engine dyno, I can verify and troubleshoot the info from both the software and dyno. If there is a significant difference between the results, it is often the engine/dyno that is faulty! My dyno partner, Gary McGlasson of McGlasson Racing Engines, has also benefited. Gary is currently responsible for three NHRA national records in Super Stock. Thanks.

Robert Freyvogel, Carbonite Racing, Butler PA  Been using this program (Engine Analyzer Pro) for over a year now and been the best money I've ever spent in my Hot Rodding hobby. I love it! Enclosed is a file for a 540ci BBC that we hope to take to Bonneville this year. It has a very mild tune for longevity sake but should still make 1800hp. Also the program from my 496 BBC that really matches what I see at the track and on the chassis dyno. I used the program to optimize my ignition timing and I think it is one of the reasons why the car runs so well. Thanks for producing such a cool program!

Update, Nov 2009:  The last project for Bonneville worked very well. Engine Analyzer 3.5 predicted what we would make within a couple of percent.  We actually made 1776 hp at that boost level to the wheels which would be about right.  
Please keep me updated on the release date of the new version.

Tom Rayl, TRR Racing Engines, Des Moines IA  I just went over 20,500 pulls with my Dyno DataMite system.  It has been just great!

JM  Milltown, NJ  "Awesome software (Engine Analyzer), it blows (the other engine programs) into the weeds!"

FD Wayzata, MN  "I have to agree, you have the best computer programs (Engine Analyzer).  Accurate enough that now the dyno time is used for tuning and not developing.  For the hobbiest like myself, the other programs are just video games, yours is a tool."

MS Virginia Beach, VA  "Using a step by step approach (with your 4 Link Calculator), 60 ft times are now in the 1.30s with a best of 1.36.  (We started at 1.50 seconds.)  ETs have dropped accordingly."

HM  Chicago, IL "You guys have excellent software, the best auto software I've ever used."

DB  Murrieta, CA  "This (Engine Analyzer) is a very complete product and it blows the (another engine program) away!"

JK  Finland  "Our major business is Hi-Perf engine building and with Engine Analyzer (Pro) we build many versions with our customer and after that we decide which combination is best.  We have tested some of our build engines with dyno and what amazing, YOUR PROGRAM CAN GIVE ALMOST SAME HP AND TQ DATA WHAT DYNO GIVE!!!  When we advertise first time that (we use your) programs, our sales are increased almost 30% !!!  SO THANK YOU WITH YOUR VERY GOOD PROGRAMS."

MT  Wildomar, CA   "The DataMite I purchased (for my inertia dyno) ... is working great!  It is a great improvement over the (competitor's electronics) setup that I originally had.  I have already managed to find 5 HP (not bad when you are starting with 13) by changing cams, ignition timing, jetting and valve settings."

BN  Campobello, SC  "I am an engine builder ... (and) I also run Top Dragster in IHRA and love the Drag Race Analyzer".

RS "PTI has the MOST accurate automotive computer product (Engine Analyzer) for whatever era it's designed in because you include 'details' like port size, runner lengths, intake manifold heat, engine drag from various fans and accessories making it possible to simulate factory engines as well as race engines."

DB Canada  This program (Practice Tree) is great one.  With this, I'm improve my reaction time and regularity in reaction.

JS Grove City, MN   I received the DataMite on Friday. Had the Dyno up and running since Friday night (until 2:00 A.M.) It works perfectly. I am very impressed with the hardware and software. It repeats within 1-2%.

JY Finland This Black Box II system is outstanding good.  Repeatability is very good.  Have made over 400 pulls since I start.

JW McComb, MS  Best program (Engine Analyzer v3.2) I have ever seen, the most realistic out!  By Far!  I have built many engines using this and performance is just like the program says!!

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